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CitadelSix Custom Design announces six more Banners & Standards decal-sets

CitadelSix is here to help you if you, like me, suffer from caffeine hands. They've got new banners and standards decals sets available over on their website.

From the release:

CitadelSix Custom Design has added a further six Banners & Standards sets to its 28mm Historic range of Wars of the Roses water-slide decals.

Each set comprises:
- Hardened wire banner staffs,
- Pre-cut pewter foil blanks,
- Set of water-slide Banners and Standards decals,
- Comprehensive guidelines sheet.

The sets are for Lancastrians:
- John de Vere, 12th & 13th EARLS of OXFORD – product code H28-WRLVS03
- Sir Thomas, 8th Lord Clifford – product code H28-WRLVS04
- Edward Plantagenet, PRINCE of WALES – product code H28-WRLVS05.
And Yorkists:
- Sir Walter Blount, Lord Mountjoy of Thurveston – product code H28-WRYVS03
- Sir Richard Croft of Croft – product code H28-WRYVS04
- George Plantagenet, DUKE of CLARENCE – product code H28-WRYVS05.

Each set is priced at £4.00, plus £3.00 1st class Royal Mail postage & packaging for UK & N.Ireland residents or £4.00 for Airmail Small Packet rates for international orders.

Further sets to be announced soon.