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CitadelSix Custom Design announces new range of Wars of the Roses decal-sets

CitadelSix saves your models from your caffeine hands with their new range of War of the Roses decal sets.

From the release:

CitadelSix Custom Design has added a new range of Banners & Standards sets to its 28mm Historic range of Wars of the Roses water-slide decals.

Each set comprises:
• Hardened wire banner staffs,
• Pre-cut pewter foil blanks,
• Set of water-slide Banners and Standards decals,
• Comprehensive guidelines sheet.

The pewter foil provides a more robust structure, thereby giving a longer service life than paper-based banners and standards. Also the foil allows the banner or standard to be moulded easily into a permanent shape. No more PVA glue-stiffened paper flags!

The first four sets are for:
• Henry Plantagenet, HENRY VI – product code H28-WRLVS01
• Henry Tudor, EARL of RICHMOND / HENRY VII – product code H28-WRLVS02
• Edward Plantagenet, EARL of MARCH / DUKE of YORK / EDWARD IV – product code H28-WRYVS01
• Richard Plantagenet, DUKE of GLOUCESTER / RICHARD III – product code H28-WRYVS02.

Each set is priced at £5.00, plus £3.00 1st class Royal Mail postage & packaging for UK & N.Ireland residents or £4.00 for Airmail Small Packet rates for international orders.