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CitadelSix Custom Design adds two new Wars of the Roses 28mm decal-sets

Citadel Six helps your caffeine hands like I've got with two new decal sheets for your minis.

From them to you:

CitadelSix Custom Design has added another two sets to its 28mm Historic range of Wars of the Roses water-slide decals.

In the Red Rose corner, representing the Lancastrians are William, Lord Berkeley and Sir Reginald Bray (Product code C6CSH28-WRLIS12).

And in the White Rose, corner, representing the Yorkists are William, Lord Bonville of Chawton and Sir John Harrington (Product code C6CSH28-WRYIS12).

Each set is priced at £5.00, plus £2.00 1st class postage for the UK or £3.00 for Airmail Small Packet rates for international orders.