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Citadel Paints reveals new paint line

Games Workshop announces 145, a whole new paint line for their Citadel Paints.

From the announcement:

Games Workshop is launching a staggering new Citadel Paint range, and it's nothing short of a painting revolution. We've developed an incredible system of painting that will enable hobbyists of all levels to achieve fantastic results very easily. There are 145 new Citadel Paints for you to choose from, each one specially designed for a particular painting task, from basecoating your models, to shading, adding highlights, to covering your bases, and more besides! There are even new paint sets, which are ideal for any beginner, and Citadel Palettes to help keep your paint in the right place.

This is quite simply one of the biggest developments Games Workshop has ever made, but don't take our word for it - visit your local Hobby Centre this weekend for an in-store demo to try out these incredible new paints for yourself.