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Circles of Imora Back Up On Kickstarter

With just about any game we play, many of us talk about what we'd like to see added to it or how we'd develop the game. The folks behind Circles of Imora would like to give you the opportunity to do just that with the game. They're back up on Kickstarter, this time allowing you to become part of the production team and create your own card in the game.


From the campaign:

Circles of Imora ® is an action packed, brand new and easy to learn Living Card Game. Construct an army for survival on Imora, then expand your Deck with further Decks to come.

If you want to become a part of the final development and an important step to grow the community - then back us!
We've been working for over two years to invent, create, develop, design and test the game. Now we're ready to complete the developing process and it comes down to licence the illustrations, build the community and doing the fine adjusting in the gameplay.

The Kickstarter is running now with 29 days left to go.