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Circle of Blood Official Trailer Released

Circle of Blood (sounds like a Slayer song) will be making its way to the English-speaking world. Currently, those who speak Spanish are able to enjoy it, but Last bullet Games wants to expand out their audience. The game is a fantasy skirmish game with some rpg elements to it. Players can compete against one-another, or play against the AI. Last Bullet Games continues to post previews of the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

From them to you:

Last Bullet Games, located in Madrid, Spain, is pleased to announce that the official trailer for their upcoming Kickstarter project, Circle of Blood, is now available.

Circle of Blood has been available in Spanish as version 1.0. However, with Kickstarter, the goal is to fund the second edition with an English hardback rulebook, six heroes, and nine gnoll adversaries.

Circle of Blood is a rpg-light fantasy skirmish game with players controlling three to five miniatures cooperatively, competitively, or in competition against the AI.

Players create brotherhoods of models, either through custom rules or by using the pre-generated models to defend, or seize control, of the famous city of Gormalak.

Will you join the Bloody Brigade or the Freedom Pack in the fight for Gormalak?

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