Cipher Studios shows us the new 30-Coins Sniper

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy
Feb 29th, 2012

Cipher Studios gives us an in-depth look at the 30-Coins Sniper for Hell Dorado.

The skinny:

It’s not often you come across a blind Sniper. The profession typically benefits from a good pair of eyes, but clearly with a Shooting Skill of 5, 30 Coins is doing just fine blind, thank you very much.

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  • Kolonel K

    Has anyone else noticed lately, that in gaming the fewer eyes you have the better you seem to be able to shoot? I thought it was just a Legion of Everblight thing, but it’s spreading!

    Sweet mini though, I’ve just recently picked up a Lost force for Helldorado, but between 30 Coins and Gilles De Rais I’m sorely tempted to get some mercs too.

  • Well, 30 coins has been out longer when Asmodee had the game…

    But, I get your point, lol.

  • CptJake

    Nice elbow to kneecap contact…

    Bone to bone (or worse- metal to metal) contact is a no-no for shooting. A ‘sniper’ ought to know that. As should someone sculpting a sniper.

    • Soulfinger

      Plus, he’s wearing his helmet in front of his face instead of on top of his head, which is a total no-no, and that canteen couldn’t possibly hold more than 18 ounces, whereas most sniper’s canteens hold 20 ounces. Also, he needs a haircut, as snipers work alone so there would be nobody around to pick nits out for him if he got lice.

    • Kolonel K

      I for one would certainly appreciate hyper-realism in my fantasy game set in a Hell that lies underneath Renaissance Europe 😛

  • jackgaudette

    It is a cool mini. I like the minis i have seen in this range