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Cipher Studios new pricing policy

Cipher Studios is updating their mini pricing policy and wants to make sure everyone knows what's coming.

Cipher Studios is announcing today a new pricing structure for many of our miniatures. The price of metal has more than doubled from the price it was at when we initially created these miniature lines. While our new products always take the current price of materials into account when we set their prices, the cost of producing our older products has become too high to continue selling them at their original prices. Over the last several years we have coped with increasing production costs by buying our metal in bulk, improving our production efficiency, and even accepting a smaller profit margin; however this model has become unsustainable. In order to continue production of our older products, we have decided to adjust the MSRP of these items to be more in line with the costs of the materials used to create them.

As of May 1st a number of the models from our Anima Tactics line will see an adjustment to their MSRP. No Hell Dorado models will be adjusted. You may find a comprehensive list of the models affected and their new prices here.

We hope our fans understand the difficulty of the situation that has led to this decision and will continue to give us their support as we strive to produce the best quality miniatures out there. We look forward to continuing to provide awesome games and minis to all of the customers, distributors, and sales outlets that have allowed us to grow over the last 5 years, and hope to continue growing our community for many years to come. For questions please contact