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Cipher Studios announces Inferno, a Hell Dorado expansion, soon to be on Kickstarter

Cipher Studios announced that they're going to be making a new expansion for Hell Dorado called Inferno. They're going to be running a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund the project, which will start soon.

From the announcement:

Hey everyone and welcome back,

I am going to postpone my painting article because I thought this would be much better especially as the Hell Dorado Kick starter is just around the corner….

Now for those who are unaware I am apart of the play test teams and have had the joy of working on the new profiles to come out in the new Hell Dorado expansion: Inferno

So I though I’d tease you all with these little tidbits of information :)

Each faction looks to be getting 2 new officers and they are amazing! A lot of thought has gone into these new officer and each adds new elements to the various factions and new play styles.