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Cinelinx - A Card Game For People Who Love Movies

Cinelinx is sort of "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" but in a card game and a bit more complicated than that... and doesn't have to involve Kevin Bacon (but it probably always should, just because). Anyway, they're in their final days on Kickstarter. They've made more than 2x their funding level, so there's extras as well to be had with your pledge.


From the campaign:

The Cinelinx game is designed to be accessible to all kinds of players. It's something you can quickly pick up and play with your friends, but if you're a movie buff you'll have an opportunity to prove how deep your film knowledge goes! For more seasoned card game players, there are options available to dive in deeper with more layers of strategy possible. We've been running a movie website for a few years now, but we knew upfront that we didn't want the game to be restricted to people who watch as many movies as we do.

So no matter what your level of skill when it comes to games, you'll find something exciting and enjoyable.