Churrascaria Card Game Back Up On Kickstarter

One of my coworkers and I go to a local Brazilian restaurant just about every week (no, not Fogo, that place is way too damn expensive. But basically the same thing). Sure, you can get some great salads and sides, but what we’re really going there for is the meat (my personal favorite is picanha). Well, even when already stuffed to the gills with meat, we can still play Churrascaria, a card game that’s back for a second helping on Kickstarter.

From the campaign:

Churrascaria is based on the experience of eating at a Brazilian-style steakhouse where waiters bring unlimited skewers of delicious meat directly to your table.

Players are trying to eat all the succulent meats that appear on their plates while avoiding the equally delicious but ultimately unsatisfying sides and desserts that get in the way. All the while, food theft, plate swapping, and general backstabbing keep the food flying and the steaks high. In the end, the person who consumes the most meat wins!

The game’s a bit more than 1/2 funded with still 28 days to go.