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Chronicles of the Orb Up on Indiegogo

The advent of crowdfunding has made it so people who have had their own home-brewed gaming systems can share them with the masses. The options are more vast than ever before. Some of these games and settings have been in the works for decades. Chronicles of the Orb is one such case. The game has been around for quite a while, set in the Shaedeam's Song setting. They're up on Indiegogo now in a pay-what-you-want campaign.

The fellows over at Haphazard Projects have all the writing pretty much done for the books. It's the artwork that they're mostly looking to fund with the campaign. If they don't make it there, they'll still send everyone's digital products they purchased. But, well, let's just hope they make it all the way to their goal. They've still got 37 days to make it there.