Chronicles of Ramlar comes to Pathfinder and Kickstarter

Whispering Tree Press has a Kickstarter campaign underway to bring Chronicles of Ramlar to the Pathfinder system.

Chronicles of Ramlar


From the campaign:

The Chronicles of Ramlar RPG first debuted in 2006 from White Silver Publishing, using the A/B Game System. It featured a wondrous landscape populated with fascinating personalities such as the Sky Knights of Aurod, as well as innovative game mechanics like Momentum and Demeanor/Theme, all alongside stunning artwork by renowned artists, including Larry Elmore, Ben Wooten, Mark Tedin, Jennifer Meyer, Lindsay Archer, Ron Spencer, and more.
The Dwarven City of Tronle, by Mark Tedin The Dwarven City of Tronle, by Mark Tedin

Now, Whispering Tree Press is bringing the entire game line back for Pathfinder®, the bestselling RPG in the world — with a load of neat stuff to boot!