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Chronicle City announces new stretch goals for Space 1889 Kickstarter

Chronicle City has posted up some new announcements and stretch goals for their Space 1889 Kickstarter campaign.

From the update:

Thanks to you all we have just passed our second Stretch Goal - an all-new 32 page adventure called “Thunders of Venus” which is being penned by Steve Long.

This not only unlocks the adventure, which is going to be given free in PDF to every pledger for the Digital Rulebook Plus and the Rulebook Plus onwards, but also means our first new print Add-On is also unlocked… “Double Adventure Book 1” featuring both “The Order of the Invisible Eye” by John Wick and “Thunders of Venus” by Steve Long.

In addition to this we can also announce that the adventures that are being unlocked in this Kickstarter are *also* going to be available as Savage Worlds editions, supporting Pinnacle Entertainment’s “Space 1889: Red Sands” setting they release back in 2010.