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Chomped Mini-Game Frenzy Board Game On Kickstarter

Every game has a certain amount of time it takes to play. That's fairly obvious. Some games like tic-tac-toe take 5 minutes for a very long game. Risk can take a whole day. But what if you took a whole bunch of those shorter games and integrated them into a game that takes longer (though not a whole day, certainly). Then you'd have Chomped.

You play by competing in various mini-games. If you (or your team) wins, you get to roll the die and move your character along the map. So you've got to be good at various mini-games if you want to be able to win. There's over 30 mini-games that are mixed up on cards that you draw from during the game, so each time through will be a new set of challenges.

The campaign is up on Kickstarter and is set to run for another 37 days.