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Choe Pho Fantasy Setting Now Available

Most of the fantasy settings we hear about are ancient ones with histories stretching back millions of years, with countless civilizations that have risen and fallen over the vast stretches of time. Choe Pho isn't like most fantasy settings. Instead, it is a relatively new world. It was created by the Council of Enlightenment as a secret, secure place that's far away from the reaches of the Ilu. The inhabitants of the world live on the Isle of Hope, heading out to the Plains of Morrow in order to bring order to the chaos. This new setting book, originally coming from Contagion Second Edition, is now available.


Choe Pho: A New World of Fantasy is designed to work with 5th Edition. The setting book gives you rules for playing six different races (Humans, Kitsune, Nekomata, Tengu, and Tsuchigumo). There's also expansions for several of the core character classes, like two new Berserker paths, five new Cleric domains, four new Monk traditions, and two new types of Ranger. It also gives you a look at the setting, itself, and what you can expect to find there.

The book is currently only available in digital form, with print-on-demand coming soon. Until the 20th, there's also a special, introductory price. So get your copy now.