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Ch'ir Mamochan (Moterised) Platoon posted by Battlefront

Battlefront is showing off another unit for Fate of a Nation with a look at the Ch'ir Mamochan platoon.


From the article:

The motorised infantry, called Ch'ir Mamochan (pronounced kh eer mah-moh-khahn) in Hebrew, accompanied the tanks into battle, clearing built-up areas and fortified positions. Their main weapons were the Belgian FN FAL rifle (used both as a rifle and, in its heavy-barrelled form, as a squad automatic weapon) and the FN MAG machine-gun. Each platoon had a British 52mm (2") light mortar, a number of Belgian RL-83 Blindicide (‘Armour Killer') bazookas, and plenty of powerful Belgian Mecar anti-tank rifle grenades.