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Chilean Navy for Master and Commander

Capitan Games have released a Chilean Navy supplement for their Master and Commander naval rules. From their announcement:
In 1818, at the request of Chilean leader Bernardo O'Higgins, Cochrane was appointed Vice Admiral, and took command of the Chilean Navy in Chile's war of independence against Spain. He was the first Vice Admiral of Chile Cochrane reorganized the Chilean navy, introducing British naval customs, and recruit British Captains to command the incipient Chilean Navy.   The Spanish defend his possessions in a period of decadence of the navy, but make the best of his ships with a shortage of resources. We include in the supplement the Spanish ship of the line San Telmo, a 74 gun that was wrecked in the Cape Horn, en route to Chile in 1819.   Now you can download 8 Chilean Ships and 8 Spanish ships to re-fight the Chilean campaign of 1817-18120. Download from our website.    Available in Spanish and English