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Children of the Fall Post-Apocalyptic RPG Up On Indiegogo

Never trust anyone over 30.
It's an old saying, but in Children of the Fall, it's extra-true. Mostly, because chances are that anyone over 30 was morphed by an apocalyptic event that's turned them into cannibalistic remorseless killers. This post-apocalyptic, GM-less RPG is up on Indiegogo now.

From the campaign:

In Children of the Fall, the players play as the sole survivors of an apocalypse that has turned all the adults on the planet into evil, bloodthirsty savages known as the fallen. As a group, the players will explore and develop the world and story together in a completely collaborative system. Players will need to keep an eye on the ever shifting hierarchy of their tribe, build and grow their haven and do the jobs that need doing to ensure the tribe’s survival. Agency is shared amongst the players, and the game uses a brand new streamlined and simple rule set, which keeps all the players engaged in every scene.

Children of the Fall is designed for 3-5 players. It is a GMless story game. Sessions take 120-240 minutes to complete. Unlike many traditional story games, Children of the Fall has support for one shot and campaign styles of play.

By backing the campaign on Indiegogo you will be the first to get your hands on the game (a full month before anyone else). This is also the only place to get the deluxe hardcover version with the unique cover artwork - be a part of history and proudly boast that you are one of the few who can proudly claim ownership of this special edition of the game.

The game is complete - so as soon as the campaign is over you will get your PDF copies with the printed version following shortly afterwards.

The game supplements unlocked as stretch goals will only ever be available here. We will not release these PDF's anywhere else - this is the only chance to get them!

Children of the Fall comes in a glorious 6x9 hardcover or softcover (as well as a digital edition). The game features a thematic and gritty layout as well as incredible artwork from Vincent Sammy and The Forge Studios.

This campaign is the only place where you will be able to get the limited edition hardcover version of the book with the "clean" version of the cover artwork. It is a dramatic and beautiful book which will look great on any bookshelf.

Our previous IGG Campaign not only delivered all rewards and stretch goals on time, but actually early (which is very rare for crowdfunding campaigns). We are confident we can do the same with this campaign!

The game has been lavishly illustrated by acclaimed South African graphic designer and illustrator VINCENT SAMMY. He has created 8 amazing pieces for the game, each of which features in a full page spread in the book. The artwork is visceral, unique and dramatic - just like the game. We are very proud of it.

The campaign is about 2/5 funded with still a month left to go.