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Chibi Ponies headed through stretch goals

Impact! Miniatures has made it well over their goal for their Chibi Pony Adventurers Kickstarter campaign. They're now headed their way though stretch goals, as well as to GenCon.

Time Traveler Pony


From the update:

We unlocked the Ranger Pony tonight! Thank you backers! Great to see another stretch goal reached. The Ranger Pony will be a 5 point pony if you want to plan for it ahead of getting it into the miniatures list.

I'm packing up the truck for Gen Con tonight and our artist Lorraine is out the door as well so it might be Monday or Tuesday of next week before we can show you art for the Ranger ... but we have requested it and will show it as soon as it is finished.

The next Stretch Goal is at $9,750. For this one we are going to do a poll for what Monster Pony you would like to see unlocked and added to the list of figures you can choose with your points.. You have 3 choices for this one:

1) Hippocampus (Sea Pony)
2) Vampire Pony (with optional Cape Accessory (which could be used to make a Superpony))
3) Patchwork Pony (aka ... stitches all over by being assembled from different ponies and then animated by science (or magic) ... probably will have small lug nuts in the neck).