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Chibi Fantasy: monsters and characters IndieGoGo campaign launches

Chibi Fantasy has launched an Indiegogo campaign in order to get funding for a line of chibi monsters.

From the campaign:

Recently, miniature range of SD/chibi style is growing and I would like to extend those ranges, giving the fans the oportunity to populate their adventures places with more diversity.

The project idea is to offer groups of monsters and characters from different environments, designed with inspiration from classic RPGs.

The first miniatures group is a group of monsters from the place I named “The Haunted Tower”, and they represent ghosts, giant bats, wraith, jellies...

As the project objetives are reached, more miniatures will be added to this group, and also news environments with news thematics, accompanied by monsters and characters related. As example "The Frozen Wastes" or "The Goblin Fort."