Chest of Colors Posts an Article of 25 Worst Miniatures Ever Made

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Nov 17th, 2011

Chest of Colors Posts an Article of 25 Worst Miniatures Ever Made:

From their announcement:

People often discuss which miniatures they like the most, which releases were the coolest, and what they would like to paint. Now we had a totally different idea!

Throughout the years many ugly miniatures have been made. Not only ugly, but also badly sculpted, or based on bad or ridiculous concepts. It’s time to find them, collect them and to find the worst one of all!

Editor Note: First we would like to apologize for the distress this article may have caused anyone. The uniqueness of the article is what intrigued us to post it, not so much as a slam-fest to bash Company X or demean the abilities of hard working artists, but to take a trip down memory lane of some of the more “less appealing” miniatures we have had the pleasure or displeasure of buying. For what’s it worth we don’t agree that a work of art is “bad”, people have put hard work into these and they deserve credit for their abilities. But there is poor execution in making said works of art sometimes. At any rate “Mea Culpa” and you will not see the likes of an article like this again.

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  • Nightbee

    Looks like they came up with a dozen decent candidates and had to reach a bit to get 25.

  • The article and attitude are worse than most of the figures.

  • Roebeast45

    This comes down to “I don’t like it so it’s bad.”

  • And no Leviathan? Man.

  • Doc

    the Wet Nurse is a bloody awesome model! Idiots… ;p

    • FellBlade

      Agreed i am genuinly insulted that 2 Kingdom death models are on that list.

      • Heresiarch

        Me three.

        Even if you don’t particularly care for the subject matter the Kingdom Death figs are bloody excellent from a sculpting and casting viewpoint.

        This is the level most new companies should be shooting for IMSNHO.

        • chrixter

          Insane to put the excellent Kingdom Death figures in the list. Sure, they may not tasteful but still excellent sculpts.

  • KelRiever

    I think the article and attitude are great! This needed to be done.

    And I don’t think it is a matter of “I don’t like it so it is bad.” There are plenty of figures on that list which deserve to be on it.

    Regarding the Kingdom Death miniatures, interesting they are there. From sculpt quality I would disagree. Now on a concept level, maybe they do deserve to be there. It isn’t so much that they are controversial X ish rated, but that they do it in such a Hentai-riffic way. But since it is a vote, we’ll see how they do. I certanly still can’t put them at the top of the list for worse concept though. Are they really worse than an anotomically correct sunbathing orc?

  • Dosadi

    This entire article is pointless. It has no criteria or context. Is it about poor sculpting? Then those Kingdom Death models can’t possibly be put on the list because while the subject matter may offend, they are superbly sculpted. If it’s one of subject, then what is the point as some people will see a guy with rockets attached to his back or an orc sunbathing while giving us the full monty as awesome, no matter how poorly sculpted the model is. So what are the criteria for this list?

    It’s not a fair to compare miniatures manufactured by some guys in a garage to those made by a multimillion dollar company. The resources at the disposal of the people who thought those plastic cow-men were good enough to mass produce, compared to a few guys casting up stuff because they love the art and hobby is not at all reasonable. It is like comparing the sandwich I made at home to a meal in a Michelin rated restaurant.

    Nor is it fair to compare miniatures made over a decade ago to those made within the last few years. Advances in the art and technology of sculpting and casting have made the possibility of producing a miniature that would have been impossible in the 80’s or 90’s.

    If the pole had been “worst GW miniatures of the last ten years” then maybe I could get on board for some good natured bashing. But this is just sloppy work.

    Also; no Blood Angel Chaplain Lemartes on that list? Null and Void.

  • mathieu

    This is the kind of poll that requires a prior poll in order to determine which models should even be on that list. The same way Zac would ask TGN readers for their opinions in putting together the list of “best miniatures of the year” they would vote on.

  • I haven’t posted here in quite a while because of the fact that I was basically told that I couldn’t bad mouth GW. In that time I have seen the site feature video game news, personal messages, and now seeing an article linked that both has a terrible attitude but is also does the exact thing I was told was not permitted here on TGN. I’m sorry for the sad state/hands TGN finds herself in these days.

  • Ghost

    My nerdrage is confused; Chest of Colors for wasting three minutes of my life or TGN for linking to it.

  • Spartan

    What… why aren’t there any PP models listed? There are many PP models begging to be on this woeful list!

  • you must be a GW fan boy… the only PP model i dont like aut of the entire ragne is the gnarlhorn satyr – and i am betting that it will get a plastic resculpt soon 🙂

    • mkcontra

      Awesome #trolling. Love it. This whole thread (and original article) are just massive trolling.

    • KelRiever

      Seriously? My god, there are plenty of PP models that fit, such as the original Vlad sculpt. Even PP re-sculpted it, so I think they are well aware that some of their original models were less than amazing, even while some of their models are very good. You hardly have to be a GW fanboi to say that.

    • Ghost

      PP fanboy? 😉


      • KelRiever

        Lol! 😀

  • id vote the wet nurse as one of the best models evermade,nt the worst. Im also one of thefew who loves he Ngash model and although i dont play warhammer anymoe – he takes a proud place in my display case

  • Zac here did you go?

    • That should be where did you go!!!!

      Yes this whole article and topic is trolling.

      How about the best miniatures instead.

  • mrbushtroll


    to the lions i say for a waste of time and energy……
    TGN come on……….stick to the spirit of the site…….
    if i want video game news…pcgamer is a key stroke away
    personals are in the local newspaper……
    now how about articles about pathfinder clones and 4E D&D quadmire
    some history of RPG……if filler is needed…….

    as a fundrazier…….damn rights i going to rant……

    ahoy mates there be rocks ahead and rats chewing on the rigging…….

    how about the worst article(s) of the week and the month

  • Lemminkaeinen

    Seeing the Wild Dunger there makes me sad. Ramshackle Games is love and dissing on the Dunger is like hating a kitten 🙁

  • Killraven

    I never understood the hate for Nagash. It’s size does accentuate the cartoonishness, but how many 28mm models wouldn’t look a bit goofier scaled up that much?

    • cybogoblin

      It’s the head that does it for me. It’s just that little bit too big and looks out of scale with the rest of his body.

      I’m hoping they resculpt him one day, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Vaxillus

    This article is an embarrassment, and has no business being on the front of such a prodigious gaming news site. I stand by pretty much everything that has already been said, especially Dosadi’s points about time of manufacture and the size of the company. Even then, the article comes off as childish and closed-minded when it brings up kingdom death miniatures (even though I’m not really a fan of the content either) as well as uninformed when it compares some of the 2D concept art of the two GW figures with their 3D translation, which as any artist can tell you is a terrible comparison to make.

    Hey, if we’re gonna talk about awful sculpting and poor taste, I have a nomination. How about this one with its balloon tits and ‘obscene’ fetus on the end of a tube.

  • Nicolay

    Personally I think those 2 KD minis are some of the worst ever and fit to be in the runnings of this poll. Sure, sculpting is excellent but sculpting / painting / concept is always part of a whole. Some Hollywood movies have great stories but bad acting … or great acting but bad CG (or any other combination) and they may be rated lower, so why can’t this be done on minis?

    It is however overly critical with single artists, not companies, which is a bit of low point.

    @ Vaxillus: That is one awesome nomination! Never seen that before … and now wish I hadn’t 🙂

    • Vaxillus

      I would disagree about the KD minis. Concept is part of the whole, but it’s also highly subjective and relativistic. I think the miniatures illustrate their concept extremely well and are well thought out (if you can gather the stomach to read the back story on them), even if they are grotesque and lewd in appearance. One could say the same thing of most of H.R. Giger’s art, yet he is considered one of the greatest surreal/science fiction artists in history.

      As for the miniature I posted, that’s a scratch build from one of the staff of that very site. Basically trying to rub their face in their own mud.

      • NAVARRO

        Comparing Giger to KD minis is like comparing one marble to a planet XD