Chest of Colors Posts a Hobby Article

By bj
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Nov 19th, 2011

Chest of Colors Posts a Hobby Article:

From their announcement:

When you’re done with painting miniatures and basing them, you could consider making a movement tray for them. Rzymek, who has painted many armies and units, explains how to make movement trays for your units.

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  • Jeremy

    No offense to these guys, but why are there so many articles about this Chest of Colors blog? Looks like just one of a million blogs out there. We really don’t want updates on all of the miniature blogs out there do we?

  • KelRiever

    Um, if you’ve been around and haven’t heard of it, you should have by now. Chest of Colors is a long running, well known painting site. There are a collection of painters there. If you spend some time there, they tell you who they are and what they do.

  • Jeremy

    I’ve been a member of this site for many years and never heard of them. Now it seems that every new article they do gets posted here. I get that they are a blog. What I don’t understand is why blog posts are appearing on TGN. I hope that isn’t where TGN is heading.

  • I don’t mind it, especially since the blog is a well respected one. It’s miniature news, and this is a miniature news site.

    What I don’t understand is why blog posts are appearing on TGN.

    So, in your statement, you are saying blog posts aren’t newsworthy, or just CoC isn’t newsworthy?


    • Nightbee

      This post could hardly be classified as news.

  • Jeremy

    I have absolutely no problem with Chest of Colors, and didn’t mean them any disrespect. I don’t have a problem with blogs in general either.

    But if you are going to include one blogger’s musings on the worst mini ever, why not include them all? There are a LOT of miniature blogs out there, and many of them are great. But where do you draw the line? This site would be overrun with blog updates.

    Again, nothing wrong with any blog-style websites. Just my personal opinion that posting them as news will detract from the real value of this website. I can follow said blogs if I want hobby tips on how to make a movement tray. I come here to find out what’s new from miniature manufactures and conventions.

  • I don’t have a problem with Chest of Colors.. I DO have a problem with a site that is supposed to be dedicated to Tabletop Gaming News posting their stuff. If they want to link to them great..more power.. but this looks like a personal favor more than anything else. CoC comes across as unprofessional, and on face-value I haven’t taken anything away from their postings. In the meantime, a site that actually DOES blog about things that deal with gaming/miniatures and actually produces/sells things as well (Antenociti’s Workshop) which used to be featured very often has now fallen to the wayside. I’m sorry but I’m afraid TGN is moving further and further from it’s original purpose and the whole reason that I have it in part of my daily rotation of sites.

    • bj

      4tonmantis sorry you feel this way. This is how my day goes: I wear many hats, so I do various things, one of which is posting the news on TGN. First and foremost with a few exceptions ALL stories submitted via the Submit News Link are posted, next I post solicted emails from major companies (PP, Spartan, Forge World, GW, Wyrd) that DO NOT submit News Stories via the Submit News Link. If news is slow, I then go to the Google Reader that was setup by Zac. Every once and a while Ross will bring a story to my attention. If you’ll notice Antenociti’s Workshop has posted article within the last month or so, but lately they haven’t been posting much. I hope this helps, thank you for your continued support and keeping TGN in your daily routine.

      TGN News Thrall

      • Veritas

        Hey bj, I thought you were pretty much dedicated to Dark Age? I thought Ross, according to his introductory post, was handling TGN? (although now that I think about it I haven’t seen much of anything posted by Ross in any of the news articles) If you do all the news collecting and posting, what exactly does Ross do on TGN?

    • KelRiever

      Seriously, I think people are overreacting to the Coc posts. If you want to say, like Jeremy did, some reasons he thought it wasn’t a good link in regards to the purposes of TGN, I disagree but I understand. The rest of the negativity rings so personal I begin to wonder if people can separate TGN and games from themselves. Again, I don’t see anything wrong except people got maybe all hurt over a voting article they didn’t like. Okay, but jihad is hardly necessary.

      If an actual sculptor or artist took offense, or someone directly related to something like a business owner, while I think they would do themselves more harm than good, at least it would make more sense. But really, someone saying a miniature is ugly, and in a for fun way, is hardly merit for mega nuclear attack.

  • estrus

    Speaking for myself, I’d rather have posts for ancillary stuff that exists in the miniature world, then a sparsely populated TGN with only “relevant” posts. As long as it’s not an overwhelming amount (which it’s not), I’m perfectly keen to peruse, reviews, how-to’s, etc.
    If they are of no interest, they can easily be skipped.

  • Jeremy

    Yeah, sorry if my comments were a little preemptive. Chest of Colors is a nice site with some really great people behind it that I respect. I never wanted it to seem like an attack on them specifically. I was just worried that TGN could become overrun with blog postings if all of them started submitting news. I know we all get different things out of TGN, so I don’t expect everyone, or even anyone, to agree with me. This just happened to be the place available for me to discuss it when the thought hit me. Next time I will put my feedback in the forum so it can’t be misconstrued. I’m sorry for any ill will it may have caused. None was intended.

    • KelRiever

      FYI sorry, to make sure you know, I wasn’t commenting directly at you, other than to actually compliment you on using reasons that attempt to make sense from a content standpoint. Probably not clear and you know, posting on the forum about this stuff is going to be better, just from the point that I can edit my own posts.

      • Jeremy

        Oh absolutely no problem at all. I understood completely. I was just trying to make myself clearer as well. =D