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CheekZ Hamster Battle Card Game Up On Kickstarter

And we go from battling goats to battling hamsters. Because why not? That's why! Hamsters can be every bit as fierce as mutant goats!
Hamsters are well-known for storing things in their cheeks. Now that's been turned into a battle card game. In CheekZ, players are looking to be the first to store 10 sunflower seeds in their cheeks, but all the other hamsters are looking to knock you out and be the first, themselves.

In the game players draw 5 cards. They can then fold if they feel they don't have a very good hand. Those that remain play a Battle Card, face-down. Then, players take turns playing attack and defense cards on theirs and opponents battle cards. Once all of those have been played, players flip their Battle Card and add up their totals. The player with the highest battle value wins. That player can have one other player discard their hand. After that, players can take seeds from their hand and score it. The winner of the round can take 2 seeds, while others can take 1. First player to 10 stored seeds wins.

The campaign's about 50% funded with a whopping 50 days still to go.