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Charity auction for Jolly Blackburn Family

Kenzer and Company are helping organize a charity auction for the Jolly Blackburn Family. From their website:
We're sorry to report that Amber Blackburn, daughter of Barbara and Jolly Blackburn, passed away this week. Services will be held April 3rd at Lakeview Wesleyan Church in Marion, Indiana from 2 to 4. Those who wish to mail condolences may do so to the office address. Any monetary donations via check or money order should be written directly to Jolly or Barbara Blackburn (not to Kenzer and Company). Our deepest sympathies go out to Jolly and Barb at this time of loss. Rather than give out Jolly and Barb's home address, we're happy to receive their mail here at the office and then pass them along to the Blackburns. Any monetary donations should be made out to Jolly or Barbara Blackburn (not to Kenzer and Company). Any special deliveries should be planned for during the week. Note also that all office mail is routinely opened and sorted, so it would be helpful if any private bereavement mail is marked in some way (such as mentioning Amber), to distinguish these from other mail.