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Charioteer at Saber's Edge

Charioteer coverSaber's Edge is now selling copies of the Charioteer rules from Two Hour Wargames. From their announcement:
Saber's Edge is pleased to offer Two Hour Wargames "Charioteer" Racing at the Famous Circus Maximus. Whip your opponent or bash his chariot--Do whatever it takes. Relive the glory that was Rome with this fast paced chariot racing game. You can be a Patron, the head of a chariot Racing Faction, whose goal is to win Fame and Fortune. Or perhaps you prefer the danger of being a Charioteer, earning your keep on the racing oval. In either case you must learn your trade on the Fringe of the Empire and work your way to your ultimate goal.
In Charioteer we let you play on two levels. They are: Charioteer - As a Charioteer you spend your entire time chariot racing, trying to gain experience and find work in the best of places, Rome herself. Patron - As a Patron you buy and sell both horses and charioteers alike, put up the money to enter the races, all with the hope of winning more fame and a chance to race in Rome herself. It's Rome. You'll do whatever it takes to get to the top, to race in the Circus Maximus. As the saying goes: "All Roads Lead To Rome." In Charioteer we give you:
  • Complete rules that allow you to recreate the drama and tension of chariot racing in a realistic manner.
  • Counters to represent your chariots as they race around the table.
  • Pre-generated opponents to race against.
  • Complete rules to run a full blown campaign at two levels.
Charioteer is great played with friends or even solo against the game mechanics. It's a game that can be played in as little as 30 minutes or longer if you choose to run more than one race. Perfect for the family as well as the serious gamer, Charioteer is easy to learn which makes it very kid friendly. In fact, you can play with your kids, racing in the same Faction, as opposed to against your kids, if you like. The trumpets blare and your horses are ready. The moment of truth is at hand as the Emperor himself signals the start of the race. You guide your chariot around the racing oval using all the skill, savvy, and if need be, savagery, in the quest to finish first. The quest for Fame and Fortune is on and none shall stand in your way. Welcome to the world of... Charioteer!