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Chapterhouse Studios released Doomseer Iyanar model

Chapterhouse Studios have released their Doomseer Iyanar miniature. Doomseer Iyanar From their announcement:
Doomseer Iyanar-Duanna is cursed with the ability to forsee the slow death of her race. She shares the ability of all seers to see the paths of her race, but is only able to see the deaths of her people and nothing else. She was psychically scarred when she witnessed the death of the people of Malantai, she is now doomed to spend every moment of her life tracking down the creature responsible. The "Doomseer" is only available from Chapterhouse Studios. The unpainted 28mm scale pewter model consist of 5 pieces - body and 4 variant arms. A 25mm slotted base is included.