ChapterHouse Studios new Pilum Imperial Attack Jetbike

By Polar_Bear
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May 20th, 2012

ChapterHouse Studios has a new Pilum Imperial Attack Jetbike up on their website. Check it out.

From them to you:

This multi-part customizable resin kit contains 21 resin components. This set includes our standard Javelin Jet Bike kit as well as 12 new components to upgrade it to an “attack” variant – the Pilum Jet Bike. Two side mounted weapon options are included – our Heavy Bolt Gun and a Heavy Melta Gun. This kit is specifically designed to allow the two heavy weapon options to be magnetized and this kit includes 6 magnets as well.

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  • cama

    I feel like if I buy one, Mark Wells will come and take my toy away. LOL

  • Gallahad

    Nothing against CHS or the quality of the sculpt, etc., but this is a great example of why I just can’t stand the 40K space marine aesthetic.

    They all look like they are straight out of Sylvester Stallone’s Judge Dredd. Cool in the 80’s. Not cool now. Just looking at their little, stumpy, ill proportioned bodies makes me cringe.

    • cama

      But the 80s is back, in a big way. Mulletts, punk rock- so why not Judge Dredd stumpy marine types? I am off to find my Def Leppard tapes …