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Chapterhouse Studios finds legal representation

Chapterhouse Studios has found a legal firm to represent them in their legal fight with Games Workshop. From their announcement:
My company, Chapterhouse Studios LLC, has been very fortunate to locate pro-bono council with the help and tips of a few of our customers. Those customers have intensive legal background as well as leads that helped us find a firm that believes in our case enough to support us. Thanks to some friends good advice and experience we have a legal agreement for Winston & Strawn LLP to represent us in our case. I consider myself very lucky to have three attorneys from the firm willing to be our representatives during the case and any other negotiations with Games Workshop. The lead on the case Jennifer Golinveaux has some major experience behind her, and I am confident that with her teams' help we will come out of this experience in great shape. I think if the attorneys thought this was a slam-dunk case for Games Workshop and we had no legal ground to stand on that there would be little chance for us to find such an outstanding firm to help us. For everyone who has given their support, I really do appreciate it. Sincerely, Nick Villacci Chapterhouse Studios LLC