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Chapterhouse releases Warrior Priestess - Armana'serq

Warrior Priestess - Armana'serqChapterhouse Studios have released a new 28mm sci-fi figure - the Warrior Priestess Armana'serq. From their announcement:
Today our second complete miniature figure is released for sale. Armana'serq - Warrior Priestess The gods have always demanded worship and sacrifice but in return they grant their most zealous followers with supernatural strength and skills. Serqitet, goddess of the scorpion protects her followers through her warrior priestess. Armed with sword and pistol, Armana'serq leads her fellow warrior-priest into combat through stealth and subterfuge. This unpainted 28mm scale pewter model consist of 6 components - body and 5 variant arms. A 25mm slotted base is included. Armana'serq is available here for $13.50 Look for our exciting TRU-Scale Storm Raven Extension kit next week!