Chapterhouse release 28mm Celtic and Techno-Wolf Shields and Hammer

Chapterhouse have released several new 28mm accessories for your Space Wolf armies.

From their announcement:

I wanted to give you all an update on our new and upcoming 28mm conversion bits. Firstly, we have 2 new shields available for sale for $2.00 each on the website.

The much anticipated Celtic shield, it is 28mm scale, its less bulky then our previouse shields so best suited for regular power armor. It is lightweight white metal and comes with a seperate spiked knuckle guard.

The second new shield release is perfect for all you Space Wolf players out there. Its aTechno Wolf Storm Shield(good size for terminator armor).

Also up, is a new Generic Hammer, also in 28mm scale. Does great things for fantasy or sci-fi conversions. This is available for $1.50.

Coming up in 2 weeks is a Jetbike Council Conversion kit for Space Elves and some new Alien Heads and swords and whips.