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Chaos in Action Games running Chaos in Cochise County Kickstarter

Chaos in Action Games has a Kickstarter campaign up and running for Chaos in Cochise County, their fantasy western miniatures game.

Chaos in Cochise County


From the campaign:

Chaos in Cochise County is a skirmish level miniatures game pitting men against monsters in the Old West.

This 100+ page rulebook includes all the rules needed to play. Based on the fast-playing and easy to learn Goalsystem Rules Engine (Chaos in Carpathia, Chaos in Cairo 2nd Edition), each player builds a warband and faces off against their opponents.

Warbands can be constructed of Apaches, US Marshals, Vampires or Regulators. The rules cover combat, mounted figures, wagons, weapons and equipment. Additional chapters cover character creation and a roster of Special and Unique characters players can recruit and add to their warbands to provide extra punch and cover their weaknesses. Five scenarios and an entire campaign system are included allowing players to play either one-off games or linked series of games as a campaign. As characters survive each scenario, they gain experience and become more powerful.

Chaos in Cochise County is fully compatible with Chaos in Carpathia and Chaos in Cairo 2nd Edition. Warbands, Special and Unique characters and even the scenarios from these two publications can be easily integrated into CiCC campaigns, allowing players even more options and scope.

So, thanks for stopping by, Pards! Welcome to the Weird West! Just make sure to check your six gun is loaded and that there's nothing lurking in the shadows before you step inside!