Chaos Dwarf Radio episode 8 posted

Episode 8 of the Chaos Dwarf Radio podcast has been uploaded to their forum.

From their announcement:

Hello all. Due to technical difficulties and my original guest being absent for the past two weeks, as well as being unsure of where I’m going to live, the episode has been majorly delayed, but it’s 2 hours long to compensate and there will soon be an 8th edition mini-series.

This episode was primarily recorded on the 16th of August 2010, although I had to re-record all of my lines (note: technical difficulties above). This time around, we had almost 2 and a half hours of recorded podcast – to get this out sooner, I have merely spliced the three recordings together and removed the largest areas of blank sound (in particular, where Sousunou came in). We recorded this all in one go, with the exception of me, who recorded it all in one go, twice Regardless, I hope that you all enjoy it and I shall try to get the second half up by Wednesday.

Today’s hosts are Hashut’s Blessing, Nicodemus and Sousunou.