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Chaos Dragon Invades Arcadia Quest: Inferno Kickstarter

Chaos is descending upon the heroes of Arcadia Quest... literally... like in the form of a big damn dragon... a Chaos Dragon, to be specific. That's right, not only is there a Frost Dragon to worry about in the land of Arcadia, there's a Chaos Dragon as well, and you can add it to your collection as part of the Inferno Kickstarter.

The set is much like the Frost Dragon set previously shown. It is meant to be used after a full regular campaign in either Arcadia Quest or Arcadia Quest: Inferno. All the various heroes and guilds must work together if they want to take down this monster.

The set comes with:
* 1 Dragon figure
* 1 double-sided Tile
* 24 Level 6 Upgrade cards
* 2 Relic cards
* 14 Dragonstone cards
* 24 Dragon Turn cards
* 20 Chaos tokens
* 2 Dragon Monster cards (tarot-sized!)
* 1 Rulebook/Campaign book
* 1 Dragon power card

There's just over a week left to get in on the action. Go check it out.