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Change of Ownership at Wargames Illustrated

Wargames Illustrated is under new management. But it's also sort of old management, if you think about it. Dan Faulconbridge has been working with the magazine for 10 years now. He's taking over from Editor in Chief John Paul and owner Peter Simunovich. The magazine will still be associated with Battlefront, who will continue to distribute it. Also, the look of the magazine won't change much in the near future. While there are some changes in the works, the WI you've loved will still be the one you'll be getting.

From the announcement:

We are pleased to announce that as of 1 April 2015 Wargames Illustrated Limited is now under the sole ownership of previous editor Dan Faulconbridge.

Dan has been working on WI for ten years now (since WI200) under the stewardship of original owner/creator Duncan Macfarlane and most recently for Battlefront Miniatures.

Dan would like to thank all the guys at Battlefront and particularly the previous Editor in Chief John Paul and owner Peter Simunovich for allowing him to wrestle complete control of the magazine from them, and for their guidance over the last few years.

Wargames Illustrated’ s relationship with Battlefront will continue to be a close one, with the two companies continuing to share premises in Nottingham, WI continuing to feature top quality Flames Of War articles on a regular basis, and Battlefront continuing to distribute the magazine.

The look of the magazine won’t alter radically for the foreseeable future – we will continue to ‘illustrate wargames’ to the highest possible standards. We will also be working tirelessly behind the scenes on creating new ventures and new platforms for ‘the world’s foremost wargames magazine’.