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Champions of Time Card Game Up On Kickstarter

Out in the far reaches of the galaxy, a set of powerful gems control all of space and time. Of course, such a group of stones is going to attract attention, with every form of being wanting to get their hands on them. But more than just some random slug-fest, a fighting league has been set up to see who should have that power. That's where you pick up the story in Champions of Time, the intergalactic fighting card game that's up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

This is a living card game, meaning that there's no unnecessary cards to get, no messy charts to buy. All you need are fighter cards and a pair of d6 dice (d8 for duos). We have cool extras, and as always, they are optional to use.

In Champions of Time, fighters of any style battle it out in the Intergalactic Fight Club (IFC). There's street fighters, pro wrestlers, monsters, aliens, humans and more!


Infinitus the Hungerer has moved on from his galactic destruction, but has left the Time Gems for the IFC as a peace offering. Merged with the old Grand Prix title, the newly forged Intergalactic Championship sees these gems control the past, present and the future. The belt has now been stolen by the nefarious PowerMonger in his quest to control everything! Punk A.D. and the Agents of Time have vowed to defeat him and restore the universe to its normal state.

In Champions of Time, you create your own fighting league and play out what happens. Using your imagination and creative license, you set up the matches with the colorful characters, you make the unique storylines, and you see what happens next. Build up feuds, have them culminate at a PPV. Singles has the Intergalactic Title, There's tag-team (duos) warfare that battle it out for the Duos titles and the Tim Rocket, Sr. Memorial Cup, Trios teams will compete in the Tournament of Trios to vie for the coveted Trios medals. Have a battle royal, give the fans a ladder's all up to you!

The game is fun for all ages 7+, and is also designed to introduce kids to card games, with adults getting in on the action as well. This game will be made 100% right here in the USA!

The Kickstarter is a bit over 2x funded with still 14 days left to go.