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Championland's "Famous Missions" card game now available

Championland's crazy celebrity card game "Famous Missions" is now available on Kickstarter.

From their announcment:

I wanted to send you the press release for my new Kickstarter project, Famous Missions. Any help from the board game community is extremely appreciated!


Championland's crazy celebrity card game "Famous Missions" is now available on Kickstarter!
The creative multiplayer game could use your help!

PHILADELPHIA, PA, September 27, 2011: Do you remember when Gene Simmons, Mr. T, and Albert Einstein banded together to disarm that bomb?

That would have been awesome if it really happened.

In FAMOUS MISSIONS you can make it happen! Instead you might choose Mother Teresa, Hulk Hogan and Steve Irwin. Or Donald Trump, Joan of Arc and Danny DeVito. Choose whoever you want, and defend your choice.

Famous Missions plays like an amped up version of Apples to Apples, with more storytelling, and more ridiculousness. It encourages creativity and will bring out the creative side of all players. Since the celebrities are all recognizable, players can jump right in and start having fun immediately.

With the help of friends, family, and the board game community, Championland plans to make a beautiful deluxe version of Famous Missions. The game will consist of 108 full color cards, and a full color two piece box. Famous Missions will be a retail quality game, a feat nearly impossible for an indie game developer on their own.

Backers will receive various rewards for their pledges. At $5 they'll get a smaller version of the game, and at $20 they'll get the full game shipped. There are also extra bonuses, such as face masks of the celebrities, and buddy packs. Everyone will receive a personalized Uncle Carrot Top postcard as a "thank you" for their contribution.

About Famous Missions: Famous Missions is a multiplayer card game for 2-6 players (3 works best). Suggested for ages 13 and up. Gameplay lasts 15-30 minutes. In the main game mode, one player acts as a judge and plays a mission (for example: Prevent an Alien Invasion) and the other two players choose celebrity teams to handle the mission (Hulk Hogan, Edgar Allan Poe, Yoko Ono). Players then get a chance to defend their team by creatively explaining why they are best for the job.

About Championland: Championland was founded in 2007 by game designer Jason Tagmire. With the help of designers and artists from all over the world, Championland has independently designed, self-produced and released a variety of tabletop games. In late 2010, Championland launched a Kickstarter campaign to release the tabletop tile game, Lines of Fire, receiving over 100% funding in just 4 days. As well as creating mobile apps in 2011, Championland's most successful card game, Pixel Lincoln, is currently being adapted for a 2011 Nintendo DS release.

Championland contact: Jason Tagmire,