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Centurions on Fornax On Indiegogo

Fornax Galaxy is a new miniatures-making company that's looking to get off the ground and have gone to Indiegogo to get the rocket fuel to get there. They'll be looking to create all sorts of sci-fi, alien, and fantasy miniatures. Their first mini are the Centurions from Fornax.
The campaign just started and is set to run for another 30 days.

From the campaign:

Fornax Galaxy project aims to pay tribute to each and every one of the creatures of science fiction and fantasy that made me travel (or makes) to strange amazing worlds. I have chosen a galaxy far, far, far away to do it. In Fornax Galaxy creatures are very similar to those we have seen in films, television, comics and books. So, this promises to be a really interesting journey, which I hope brings creatures that make you enjoy.

Fornax Galaxy will not be a game, but rather a melting pot of new models that you could collect, paint and use on any of your favorite games.

At the beginning, Fornax Galaxy will try to be financed with your help by crowdfunding. Therefore, it will be a "galaxy" of participation, where anyone can suggest what could be the next line of miniatures that you would like to see from the depths of the Fornax Galaxy.

First step...Centurions from Fornax