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Caverns of the Blood Howlers Universal Adventure Now Available

All good adventures must come to an end. You just have to hope that it's not the end for the adventurers as well. Such is the case with Caverns of the Blood Howlers, a new Universal Adventure module that's now available. What started with The Blood Howlers of Black Willow Gorge (who knew it was going to be related?) is coming to a dramatic climax.

Your adventurers come across huge bronze doors. Of course, being adventurers, they're going to go through those doors (it'd be very un-adventure-like not to go through them). Everything you've been fighting so far has brought you to this. Are you the adventurers you thought you were, or will the howlers be braying for your blood? Only one way to find out.

Being universal, obviously you can use this module with whatever fantasy game system you want. Just grab your character sheets and go.