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Cavern Tavern Worker Placement Game Up On Kickstarter

My first job was in fast food. I worked at a Fazoli's in St. Louis. For those that don't know, Fazoli's is ("was?" Do they still exist somewhere? They don't have them here in Atlanta that I know of) a fast-food Italian place. It was a fairly thankless job. But it certainly gave me an appreciation for those that do still work in such an environment. Thankfully, playing Cavern Tavern is much more fun and exciting than actually working at a tavern. It's up on Kickstarter now and looking for funding love.


In the game players take on the role of employees of the tavern. You've gotta do things like make sure the guests are topped off on their drinks, cook up food, clean up the place, as well as keeping the barkeep happy (cantankerous old sod that he is...). You do that by placing your four dice into various sections each turn. The various sections of the board get you various bonuses.

The campaign is over its funding goal, so it's onward and upward through stretch goals for the next 28 days.