Cavalcade release French Regulars in Winter Dress

Cavalcade Wargames have released 28mm French – Indian War French Regulars in Winter Dress.

French Regulars in Winter Dress

From their announcement:

Our line of French Regulars in Winter Dress are now available. We have 12 different 28mm metal French Marines in winter dress with snowshoes, sculpted by Leandro Ventic. The snowshoes are easily covered over with flock should you want to use them without snowshoes.

These models are suitable for battles in the French and Indian War (Seven Years War). We had the Battle on Snowshoes in mind when developing this range. These will be available at our booth at Historicon as well as on our website.
We have 8 new Roger’s Rangers in winter dress coming out shortly along with a dog sled.

Cavalcade Wargames is a wargaming company that produces high-quality 28mm miniatures for wargamers, painters, modelers and collectors. Among the ranges we produce are Dragonblood Miniatures, Ming Chinese, Wako Pirates, Somali Pirates, French and Indian War, and Fantasy Armies of the Far East. We also distribute Kingsford Miniatures in the U.S.

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