Cavalcade release Conquistador Ogres

Cavalcade Wargames have released three Conquistador Ogre figures as part of their Fantasy Armies of the East range.


From their website:

Our new release this week is our set of 3 Conquistador Ogres for the Fantasy Armies of the Far East line. The Conquistador Ogres have sailed many miles in search of treasure, adventures and…fresh meat. During earlier times, the Ogres would trade gunpowder and guns to the local population in exchange for food and provisions. Now, they are seeking fame and fortune by claiming as much land on the Far East islands as they can claim while shifting alliances from the warbands of orcs and armies of dwarves.

The Ogres are 50mm tall and come equipped with extra pieces such as helmets and weapons. Sculpted by Pedro Ramos. They are $8.99 each.