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Cauldron Born Miniatures now open

Cauldron Born Miniatures is now open for business selling 28mm sci-fi and fantasy miniatures. From their website:
We are producers of a range of 28mm fantasy and sci-fi gaming  figures. More than that, we are modelers, painters and collectors ourselves; you might say consummate enthusiasts.  As miniatures are our passion we thought, “why not share that passion with others”.  So a few years later, with judicious amounts of prodding and saber rattling, here we are.   The name Cauldron Born Miniatures was inspired in part from the talented imaginings of Lloyd Alexander in his Chronicles of Prydain Series and seemed like an apt name for our company.  The figures we create are hand sculpted with great care and detail, birthed from the furnace of our cauldron, given form in our casting machines and then to life in the hands of painters, modelers and gamers.   Not all our offerings are made of metal; some are even birthed out of resin vats.  Why do this?  Why not work in all one medium?  Frankly, costs.  Some pieces are big and to birth them in metal would be cost prohibitive. We try and imagine models you will enjoy and do so in a way you can afford.