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CatFight Card Game Up On Kickstarter

I've never had one of my own, but friends have. A couple of them, over the course of their lives, turned into cat-loafs. The cats, that is. Not my friends. One friend's cat would yowl and whine at all hours, wanting to be fed, even if he'd just been fed. So CatFight, a new card game up on Kickstarter, would've been just up his alley. (Get it? Alley? Cats? ... oh never mind).

In the game, players are kittens who are each trying to get all the food they can. To do this, you'll play various cards from your hand which will get you that tasty, tasty cat food. But there are also cards to keep opponents from getting the food they so desperately want. Will you be the fat cat at the end of the game?

The campaign is up and running now with 28 days left to go.