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Job Opportunity

Want to go to conventions and help out with the events there? Then Pandasaurus is looking for you. They've started taking applications for Demo Team members for various conventions all throughout the
Want to help out at PaizoCon Online? Here's your chance to sign up. Paizo has opened up sign-ups for the show. You don't even have to leave your house. Head on over and check it out.
The year's nearly at an end. Time to look forward to next year and the events happening therein. If you're wanting to join in the fun in an official capacity, you might want to sign up to be a Leaders
It's the Holy Grail that most gamers dream of: game designer. You get the chance to actually have your thoughts on a game integrated right into its rules and figures. And that's what Wyrd's hiring rig
Want to get yourself a job in the gaming industry? Want to help out with crowdfunding campaigns? Then Mantic is looking for you. They're looking to hire a new Crowdfunding Manager and they've got thei
A game's no good if nobody knows about its existence. You gotta get the word out there. And these days, that means digital marketing. And that's just what Corvus Belli is looking to boost by hiring a
Want to get into the gaming industry? Are you good at helping people? Are you a problem solver? Do you live in or around Nottingham? Then Mantic is looking for you. They're hiring a new Customer Servi
Hey, remember conventions? They're getting to be a thing again and that includes Gen Con. Paizo will be there and they're looking for motivated gamers who'd like to help. That might just be you. Head
We just found out about PaizoCon coming soon. But that's not the only event that they're going to be at. And to make all of them actually work, there's a need for volunteers. And that's what Paizo is
Actual in-person events are making a bit of a comeback. And that means that companies need people to help them run demos and events and such at the shows. If you're interested in joining up with Panda
I mean, Community Manager would be cool, but what if you could be the one in charge of it all? AEG is looking to hire a new VP of Sales & Marketing. If you're wanting to shoot straight to the top,
Want to get involved in the gaming industry? Think you have what it takes? Want to interact with others in the community to let them know about all the cool new stuff you've got in the works? Then Pri
Want to get into the gaming industry? A good first step is to volunteer for a gaming company (it's how I did it). And Paizo is looking now for Committee Volunteers for their Organized Play program. He
How about starting the new year with a new job in the gaming industry? Someone will get the opportunity as Wyrd Games is hiring a new Game Designer. Yeah, "the big one" most people want. Head over and
Considering all the job losses over the last couple years, it's good to see a job opening. Mantic is looking to expand their family with a new Full-time Warehouse Operative. If you're wanting to get i
Warlord Games is seeking additions to its team. They're hiring for several positions, including freelance supplement writers. Want to break into the gaming industry? Now might just be your chance. Hea
Being a Project Manager for a game company requires a ton of commitment, an eye for detail, and extremely high skill in organization. If you have that, then Corvus Belli might be looking for you.
Often seen as the Holy Grail of gaming jobs, Game Designer is a tough day-to-day occupation. There's a lot of creativity involved and also a lot of math as you make sure what you're creating actually
Want to get into the gaming industry? Want to spread the love of gaming far and wide? Want to help a major gaming company get into more locations? If you answered "yes" to these questions, Warlord Gam
Arcane Wonders is looking for a few, good gamers to help them make sure that their products are everything that they can be. They're looking for playtesters now. Just join up on their Discord server a
Want to get into the gaming industry? Do you have graphics design abilities? Want to work for one of the longest-running gaming magazines out there? Then you should head over to Wargames Illustrated a
Want to get into the gaming industry? Already in the industry and want more? Haven't given it much thought but maybe it could be cool? Well, then Kort'thalis Publishing has an offer for you. They're l
Do you have what it takes to be part of the gaming industry? Are you well-versed in 3D modelling? If so, Kromlech might be looking for you. They're seeking a new 3D artist to add to the team.
Privateer Press is looking to add to their team. They want to get a new Digital Engineer added and you might just be the gamer they're looking for. You could be one of the people in charge of helping
Gale Force 9 has a lot of amazing properties that they're making products for. And they're looking for talented sculptors to help bring those projects to 3D in the world on your tabletops. Are you a s