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<whoop! whoop! whoop!>Yup, we've got Giant Robot Alert here to finish out the week. Arclight Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Dragon Gyas, a new tactical board game that puts players
No, this doesn't mean that AEG is quitting gaming and going into cat rescue or anything like that. Calico is a new tile-laying game where players are creating quilts in order to attract cats to them.
It's sort of right there in the name. It's called Cosmic Encounter: Duel, so you'd figure that dueling would take up a large portion of the game. Well, Fantasy Flight is here to show off just how much
I like it when it's dark out. That's just, overall, my preferred time. However, I do understand that the dark can bring dangers. And when the dark lasts for quite a long time, traveling the roads can
Sometimes, campaigns don't quite go as creators want. It happens all the time. But with feedback from their audience, they can retool and reconfigure and have a successful relaunch. That's what we hav
We're pretty used to being the hero in our games. We head into the dungeon to defeat the monsters and steal the treasure. DIE in the Dungeon turns that on its head. Become the monster. Hunt down the h
Not every Kickstarter campaign gets off to the best of starts or makes it to the finish. That's fine. Not every project is destined for greatness the first time out. But with some refining, retuning,
Great Britain wasted no time when the steam engine came to be a thing. They quickly built railways all over the country, becoming one of the worldwide leaders in rail lines. Now, you can go back to th
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Huh. I always think of the railways as they developed across the western US and Canada (making the west accessible from the east and basically bringing those disparate worlds together). But I've ridden on the British railway (of necessity, it does not go as far as US or Canadian rails). I just never thought much about the history of it.
2020 is turning out to be quite a year, and we're only getting to halfway through it. A lot of plans from before the year began have had to be changed, sometimes drastically. That includes game releas
LionWing Publishing has a new JRPG-inspired board game that they're going to be bringing to Kickstarter later this month. It's called Kradia: Wild Hunt Festival and is a cooperative game where players
Since we're not supposed to go out, many of us have been at home playing a lot of board games. But what if you're getting to the end f your collection and looking for something new? Well, Days of Wond
Continuing with their pledge to give you a new Zombicide scenario every week, CMON has a new Invader scenario up on their website. The anti-matter generators are broken and making a lot of noise. Repa
I mean, sure, you could walk your way into battle, but where's the fun in that? Better to ride in style. And that's what the Executioner does in their Executioner's Chariot for the Dark Souls board ga
I was a really cool kid. I had Castle Greyskull. Oh yeah. You can be retroactively envious of me. That's fine. Though I don't have it anymore, soon, I'll be able to relive that childhood as CMON has a
Do you know what "nemesis" means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an 'orrible bear... me.Ok, obligatory quote out of the way... I
I've been living in apartment for a long time now, but I did used to have a house out in Kansas when I lived there. So, I definitely know what it's like trying to maintain a lawn, especially in autumn
Humans haven't been able to get along for pretty much forever, with different factions fighting for different causes all throughout history. The Commands & Colors Tricorne series takes you to thos
Dawnshade: The Watchers Prophecy bills itself as a JRPG that you can play on your tabletop. Being a fan of such games, I'm intrigued. Players must work together and traverse the lands, completing ques
It's not always easy to take your favorite board games with you on the go. You're usually just stuck with whatever you might have around. Thankfully, we usually have a phone around. And if you have on
Have you ever thought who would win if you put some of your favorite characters from different universes together in one arena? Well, that's exactly what you get to do with Fray: Champions of Every-Ve
It's 1350. The Black Death is hitting Europe hard. You and your cartload are trying to get the heck out of town. But so are others. And someone just coughed. Is everyone doomed? That's where you find
The Scythian chieftans are looking to claim the best land for themselves and out-maneuver the others. They will send their troops all across the land, raiding as they go. In the end, however, only one
I tend to sleep rather well, despite having upstairs neighbors who apparently wake up at around 10pm and decide then is the best time to have dance contests. Thankfully, there's no monsters under my b
The Kickstarters are over and successful. You may think that the prices and extras might be gone, but that's not the case. You can still hop on board. If you're looking to get Arena: The Contest and T
Bigger is better when it comes to weapons used to fight off a rampaging group of zombies. Thankfully, the survivors have found a trebuchet... but it's broken. If they can get it working, they can hope