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Catalyst shows the guts inside their upcoming Intro Box for BattleTech

Catalyst Game Labs is showing off the box contents for the upcoming BattleTech Intro Box. No release date set yet, but soon.


From the article:

I got in the following photos last week to approve…then promptly got really sick. As I dig my way out of that, sharing them.

The photos came in a spreadsheet from the printer to show what the exact assembly will be. I review and then approve (or ask for a modification) and the full assembly begins.

Unfortunately they didn’t provide a photo of the 24 miniatures (which will be collated into the other brown corrugated cardboard insert) showing off the new sculpts (remember it’s the same miniatures, but newly done masters and much higher quality plastic). As soon as I have those to show off, I will.

And no, we still don’t have a release date. Once this is on a ship I’ll announce it and that’ll give us a pretty good sense of when it’ll be available again.

But thought you’d enjoy seeing it reach this stage.