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Catalyst Game Labs to attend GAMA Trade Show and PAX East

Catalyst Game Labs will be attending the GAMA Trade Show and PAX East next week. Will you be there?
Sadly, I won't...

From the announcement:

Catalyst Game Labs is attending the GAMA Trade Show, as well as for the first time Pax East!

For those attending Pax East we’ll be at booths C701-C706 selling our games and running a swath of demos. From BattleTech and Leviathans to Balance of Power and The Duke (come by the booth and walk away with a free cut-out-and-play version of this game!), as well as special “convention playtests” for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition and Shadowrun: Crossfire (both games are in layout, so they won’t look very pretty at the show, but you’ll get a first chance to find out the meat of what’s coming mere months away!)

What does this mean for those not attending? It means that from March 19th till March 25th pretty much all personnel will be away from their normal communications (websites, emails, phones, you name it), including customer service.

As such, if you’re trying to contact anyone at Catalyst, please be patient during that time. Additionally, the reality is that it will also take a few days after the 25th before we’re able to dig our way out from under a week’s worth of communications, so expect a few days more after that.

We look forward to seeing everyone at these shows and for those unable to attend, thanks for your patience over the next two weeks…see you on the flip side!

Catalyst Game Labs