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Catalyst Game Labs stoking the coals of the Leviathans

Catalyst Game Labs is working their way towards another Leviathans Kickstarter, but in the meantime, they've still got some new previews up.


From the post:

Hey all,

While we’re still in a holding pattern surrounding the Kickstarter due to production (still in negotiations but they’re dragging on, as usual), we’ve got a number of other items we’re working on that I wanted to share.

First, we’ve got a new James Fighting Leviathans PDF in the works; find one of the excerpts we’re looking at below, along with the game stats excerpted from our master spreadsheet.

We’re also continuing to work on the Minor Powers PDF, which will showcase the early leviathans. Here’s some great work that John Haward has done on adapting the “modern” art to be used for these “primitive” ships; the illustration below shows a comparison between the Liberte vessel and the Lavoisier-class (the “modern” Liberte were built off of the “primitive” Lavoisier-class).

Also, I’ll start up a series of blogs detailing the development of the aesthetics for the Italian fleet, as I did the Germans a while back. Below is the first concept sketch that Doug generated (as it appears in the Gazetteer), and below that is the first concept sketch based off of that original that J. Lonnee produced (in those future blogs we’ll walk through the whole process start to finish).

Some other odds and ends we’re working on for rolling out in the coming months.

1. There’s been requests for some of the fiction that’s been posted in segments directly on the site to be compiled into a PDF; we can do that.

2. We’ve still got some files from the Core Box to release so players have full access to everything they need to play.

3. I’ll be posting additional rules from the Captain’s Manual for you guys to enjoy (and play test if you’ve got the feedback).

Wew…okay, I think that does it for now. It was a low-key autumn and start of winter, but we’re stoking the coals again to get new content up and going for you guys…and of course, if anything breaks forward on the physical production side, you’ll be the first to know after me.

See ya next duty shift!