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Catalyst Game Labs releases 2 new ShadowRun books

Catalyst Game Labs takes you into the future with two new ShadowRun books (one an e-release) available now.

The first is Aetherology. When the real-world (full of ogres and dragons) and the net-world (with its sentient programs) aren't strange enough, there's Aetherology. This book explores altered states of consciousness (whether your player wants to be part of them or not) and the powers and creatures that govern such states. You thought things could get crazy before? You've not seen anything yet.

The second book is London Falling (and yes, now London Calling is stuck in my head), an adventure book for Shadowrun gaming in Jolly, Old London. There are four adventures within it. They were originally designed to be played at conventions, so each one can either be used as a stand-alone, or be integrated into your current campaign.


From the release:

All right, so last night I ran a game of Shadowrun at a con and came home and a fever slapped me hard and laid me out good. I meant to be awake, but my body instead insisted that I be horizontal and blanket-wrapped. So when our intrepid layout guy released two new books into the wilds of the internet last night, I was deep into fever dreams where text was coming alive and changing right before me, even though the book I was reading had already been printed. It was annoying.

But really, if we look at the parts of the headline to care about, the whole “two new Shadowrun books released” is a whole lot more interesting than the crap about the line developer having a little cold, so let’s get to the good stuff.

The first of the two books is an e-book called Aetherology (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG), your guide to the wild and wacky metaplanes of the Sixth World. Seriously, I think reviewing this book totally got my brain in the right place for the aforementioned fever dreams to develop. Here’s the full rundown (and make sure you pay attention to the last part, where it says this book works with both Fifth and Fourth Editions!)

Then we have London Falling (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG), the latest in the ongoing series of convention mission compilations. You can buy the e-book now, or pre-order the print book! Want four adventures that can be linked into a campaign, with all the dual-statted game information you need? Then look here